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King of the Hill

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Game Layout

Left Territory

This Territory has
9 Hit points
and 2 armor
It gives all champions
+1 armor

Left Relic

This Relic has
8 Hit points
and 1 armor
It has the ability to deal damage with a small drawback.

Middle Territory

This Territory has
8 Hit points
and 2 armor
It gives all champions
+1 attack power

Right Relic

This Relic has
8 Hit points
and 2 armor
Once a turn, if you cast a spell, you get to draw a card

Right Territory

This Territory has
10 Hit points
and 2 armor
It gives all champions
the ability to defend against attacks to your right relic and gives them +2 armor while doing so
This champion buffs champs
This champion is a stack stick
This champion buffs 1 champ
This champion gains armor
This champion ignores a lot of armor
This champion defends relics

Here on the left side we have 1 champion because they require all 5 food the territory can provide.

There can only be 1 of this champion in your deck because they are epic.

In the center we have up to 3 champions, which is the maximum amount a single territory can have.

These champions cannot move because the territories next to them are at full capacity.

On the right side, we have a champion with a move ability that will trigger if it moves over during the movement phase. It cannot end up on the current Territories because they have max food capacity.

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